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Gloria Trevi Biopic In The Works

A Swiss director named Christian Keller has directed a biographical film based on the life of infamous Mexican singer Gloria Trevi. The film, called “Gloria”, will revolve around the events leading to her arrest and imprisonment for three years on kidnapping and sexual abuse charges. Keller had never heard of Trevi before he read an article about her before, there probably not being much of an audience for Latin pop in Switzerland. He says,

“I’d never heard anyone talk about her and I learned her story when she got out of prison, and I thought it would be a good story to tell on film. The good thing is that I was able to see her without any preconceived notions about who Gloria Trevi was, simply looking at it as the story of a human being and not the scandals in which she was involved”

The film begins when she meets her manager Sergio Andrade with whom she is accused of having committed the heinous crimes she went to jail for. Trevi was always controversial. I remember as a teenager my mom and older relatives being scandalized by her behaivior when it was reported on the news. Her music wasn’t my kind of thing so I just thought of her, as many did, as the “Mexican Madonna”. It will be interesting to see if this film brings any new information to light on a story that so captivated the Spanish speaking press and shocked her fans worldwide.

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