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Greg Giraldo’s Five Funniest Roasts

Stand-up comedian Just and roaster extraordinaire Reveillon Greg Giraldo passed away on Wednesday after accidentally overdosing on prescription pills. Giraldo, son of a Colombian father cheap jerseys online and Spanish mother, was known for his quick wit and sharp tongue. In honor of his death, we’ve compiled our five favorite Greg Welcome Giraldo roasts.

Jeff Foxworthy

One of Greg Giraldo’s favorite targets were redneck comedians and their dumb audiences (see Larry the Cable Guy below). He didn’t disappoint when Buy he roasted Jeff Foxworthy– the godfather of “blue collar comedy” who dons the child molester mustache– back in 2006.

Joan Rivers

This cheap jerseys clip is worth watching simply for the Lord Of The Rings joke. Not enough for you? How about an erotic asphyxiation joke about David Carradine? Yeah, we thought so.

Cheech & Chong

Making pot jokes at the Cheech & Chong roast would have been the easy way out, but that’s not how our extremos recently deceased homeboy rolled. Nah, dude. Greg Giraldo decided to go with the brown-on-brown humor instead. Skip to the 2:20 mark for GIraldo’s bit.

Larry The Cable Guy

Larry the Cable Guy is to comedy what a steaming turd is to chocolate. Despite that, Greg Giraldo was so talented he cheap nba jerseys managed to make something involving that cut-off cheap jerseys shirt-wearing waste of space actually pretty damn funny.

David Hasselhoff

Greg Giraldo’s roast of David Hasselhoff is hands cheap mlb jerseys down our personal favorite. His victims? Washed up cultural relics  like Hulk Hogan, Jerry Springer, Pamela Anderson, and Belgien, the Hoff. We laughed so hard we fell to the floor. Then we found a burger and started eating it.

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