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Guac For The Super Bowl In Danger

With the Super Bowl only a few weeks away fans of guacamole may have to find a substitute during the big game. The biggest story in Mexico right now has nothing to do with Donald Trump’s proposed border wall. Gas stations in at least six Mexican states and the country’s capital have been running dry for days. It’s provoked a major public outcry. And there are some concern exports could be affected.

The Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has closed several key fuel pipelines in an effort to crack down on fuel theft, which he said cost the country an estimated $3 billion last year. The shortage has sparked long lines at gas stations, as cars wait for hours.

The gas shortage could get in the way of Super Bowl party plans if tens of thousands of tons of avocados expected to arrive in the coming weeks can’t make it north of the border. The fuel shortage has started to affect the transportation of workers and harvested avocados within Mexico.

According to the Mexican Association of Avocado Producers and Exporters, 100,00 tons of Mexican avocados are consumed during the Super Bowl week.

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