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Happy Spanglish Tanksgivee From Your Friends At TuVez


Noun: This is the word Thanksgiving run through the Ricky Ricardo Thick Accent Machine (patent pending). Now, Thanksgiving is obviously an American holiday, what with all the Pilgrims and Indians and whatnot. The correct term is el dia de accion de gracia, which let’s face it, is a mouthful. So, we are going to give you permission to keep saying Tanksgivee. Who has time to say all that other stuff when there is yucca stuffing and turkey with plantains the eat?

EX: “Oye, yo comi tanto salsa de arandano el Tanksgivee pasado, que orine morado.”

TR: “Listen, I ate so much cranberry sauce last Thanksgiving, that I pee’d purple.”

EX: “Este Tanksgivee prometo no darle un piñaso a abuelita.”

TR: “This Thanksgiving, I promise not to punch grandma.”

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