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Hey Latinos, Cut It Out!: Overuse Of Religious Imagery

In our “Hey Latinos, Cut It Out!” feature we ask you, our Latino brothers and sisters, to cut out some behavior that is embarrassing the rest of us. We do this in order to foster peaceful coexistence with our non-Latino neighbors and so we aren’t ashamed to be seen with you in public.

We Latinos are generally fairly religious. There is nothing wrong with that in and of itself. This is America and you have the freedom to worship a toaster or TV’s Tony Danza if you want. We do question the practice of plastering everything with religious imagery. You may love the Virgin of Guadalupe, but does she really need to painted across the bed of your pick-up truck? Do we need to stare at the bleeding leprosy sores of St. Lazarus while we are enjoying a Cuban sandwich at a cafe? Do you need to wear a gold-colored bleeding Christ on your shirt in order to be a good Catholic? While we respect your right to freedom of religion, it makes you look like a religious fanatic. We Latinos tend towards superstition enough without needing to advertise it more. So, please, leave that holographic «Last Supper» clock at the flea market.

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