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Hey Latinos, Cut It Out!: Spanglish

In our “Hey Latinos, Cut It Out!” feature we ask you, our Latino brothers and sisters, to cut out some behavior that is embarrassing the rest of us. We do this in order to foster peaceful coexistence with our non-Latino neighbors and so we aren’t ashamed to be seen with you in public.

One of the problems of speaking English as a second language is mixing it with your native tongue. Here in New York I hear it happen with any number of languages. For we Latinos it is the abomination known as Spanglish. My grandfather used to get really angry at me when I spoke Spanglish. «Speak to me in English or speak to me in Spanish. I don’t speak Spanglish.» It makes you sound dumb, like you speak neither language that well. A lot of people expect us to be uneducated and when you speak Spanglish that is exactly how you sound. So, please habla Español or speak English, no hablando the Spanglish.

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