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Hilary Clinton Names DREAMer As Latino Outreach Director

Preemptive Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton named as former DREAMer Lorella Praeli as her Latino outreach director. She lived in the U.S. for 13 years undocumented. She was a DREAMer activist for several years and her sister is a recipient of President Obama’s DACA executive order. She received her green card in 2012. Amanda Renteria, Clinton’s national political director said,

“We are thrilled to have Lorella Praeli, a Dreamer, join our team because of her courage and perspective in the fight for Latino families across the country. Her experiences and relationships will be valuable in developing the coalition to ensure the Latino community has a voice in this campaign and in this country.”

It’s just another step in Clinton’s campaign to capture the coveted Latino vote. Historically, Latinos have voted Democrat with the exception of the Cubans in South Florida. Republicans have a long road ahead to get most Latinos to vote for their party. After all they fought for years to try and undo the legislation that helped DREAMers. Even the fact that two Latinos, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, are running for president has not captured the imagination of Latinos. It’s a good strategic move.

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