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Hillary Clinton Is #NotMiAbuela. No Kidding.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has tried to reach out to the Latino community in many of its ads. This is more than a lot of Republican nominees are doing. Except maybe Marco Rubio and kinda Ted Cruz. Kinda. But Hillary’s team made a really stupid misstep with a 8 Ways Hillary Clinton Is Just Like Your Abuela. In it she talked about how she’s a proud grandma with another on the way, which is fine. It’s when she started talking about how she’s just like we Latino’s abuelas and dropping random Spanish words in. Twitter went ballistic. They responded with the hashtag #NotMiAbuela and wrote a lot of angry tweets. There was much discussion, especially in the Latino blogoshpere where lot’s of digital ink was spilled. Kind of like this post, I guess. People discussed how unlike their abuelas were from Hillary seeing as they had immigration and economic problems caused by being treated like second-class citizens.

I think the bigger problem is that it just comes off as pandering. Like she thinks we can’t understand unless she uses our “lingo”. It makes no sense. It’s just a hard-headed mistake that some dense member of Hillary’s staff made. Possibly, some White dude whose job it is to reach out to Latinos. Don’t get my wrong, if it comes down to Hillary vs. pretty much anyone, I’m voting for Hillary. Still, she needs to rein in her team before Latinos turn on her.

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