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More Hispanics Use Smartphones Than Whites. Here Are Some Potential Apps

The Nielsen Company released some interesting data on smartphone use amongst Hispanics. In the United States, 31% of all people use smartphones. Things get interesting when that number is broken down by ethnicity. According to Nielsen the breakdown is as follows: 45% of Hispanics, 45% of Asian/Pacific Islanders, 33% of African-Americans, and 27% of white all mobile users in the country have smartphones. Of the different brands of smartphones, Hispanics are about evenly split. 29% have an iPhone, 27% have a Blackberry, and 27% have an Android phone.

So, given this new data, we bet that app developers are going to be falling over their sandals to make Hispanic friendly apps. Games like Smuggle Truck are likely to become less common, that’s for sure. In accordance with Obama’s challenge for us to innovate new tech stuff, we thought we’d spitball a few ideas for Hispanic apps.

1. ¡Oye! ¿Donde Coño Deje Mi Carro? – How many times have you parked your car, gone inside, and forgotten where the hell you parked it? This app helps you find your car, even in the most crowded parking lots. While it calculates where the car is, it could have a graphic of your uncle jumping up and down and swearing.

2. The Cheap Viejo’s Gas Finder – Our grandfather used to sometimes run out of gas while driving around to find the pump that was 2 cents cheaper. Eliminate the need to go pick his ass up, with this handy app that helps him find the cheapest option. Of course, this would require him to actually figure out how to use the app, which brings us to:

3. ¿Como Trabaja Este Fregado Telefono? – The data shows the older Hispanics are now starting to buy smartphones. This tutorial app puts it in language they can understand. Instead of saying, “Slide the open button. Then go to the main menu, select settings, and push the network button. Toggle the 3G switch.” It would say, “OK, move your finger across the bottom till you hear un click. See the button that looks like a grey wheel? OK, touch that. No not the orange one, the grey one. Si, el gris. Now the third thing from the top, that says network, do you see it? Well put on your glasses, abuelo! OK, then there is a bottonsito that says 3G, do you see it. Slide it till it turns blue. OK? Te quiero abuelo.

4. Cock fight! – This one is especially popular in the Caribbean communities. You raise your fighting cock from egg to poultry death machine. The object is to win as many fights as possible. You can save up your points to buy sharper metal talons or new wire for his chicken coop.

5. Taco Truck – This one is like one of those Japanese games where you have to work in a kitchen making cakes. In this game you work in a taco truck, and you have to go to construction sites, hipster neighborhoods, immigration offices, and Hispanic grocery stores. The object of the game is to serve as many tacos as you can before the customer’s 15 minute lunch break ends.

Via Mashable.

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