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Holiday Shopping List: Batman Snuggie-type Blanket Robe

Well, that most hateful time of year is upon us: the holiday shopping season. It’s a magical season, when women pepper spray people to get ahead of them or shoppers get trampled to death at Walmart. It sort of defeats the purpose of the whole holiday season. The way people behave, makes me lose faith in humanity, God, and our capacity for not being a-holes. Thank God for the Internet. Not only does it employ us, it makes it so that we can shop from the comfort of our own homes. Still, you have to find something nice to buy your loved ones. What’s a truly original gift that is both fun and practical?

A superhero Snuggie, of course! Ok, well it’s not a Snuggie brand snuggie, it’s a Comfy Throw. Either way, it’s a blanket with sleeves. Only these come in Batman, Spiderman, and Wonder Woman for the ladies or guys that are in to that sort of thing, (no judgements). Mock if you must, just know that next week your beloved Tu Vez posts are going to be typed through the sleeves of a Batman blanket-robe.


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