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Hottest Latinas At The 2013 Emmys

The Emmys were last night and the stars were out in all their designer finery. Some were hot and some were not, (I’m looking your way Lena Dunham). Perhaps the sexiest ladies of the evening were the Latinas, particularly our girl Sofia Vergara. She was smoldering in a red dress that showed off the girls for all the world to see. For the second year in a row she also had a wardrobe malfunction after her dress ripped. This proves that there is a God and that he loves us. Everything from Aubrey Plaza’s demure but sexy lace dress to Rosci Diaz’s vampish blue gown gave us a happy feeling inside. I didn’t even mind looking through Matt Damon’s huge face to look at his wife Luciana Barosso. So, here are our favorite Latinas on the 2013 Emmy Red Carpet.

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