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I was born ready! Fight Day Saul Canelo Alvarez vs. Floyd Money Mayweather


I was born ready! This was Canelo’s response when asked if he was ready for the fight, after the weigh- in on Friday night, the biggest weigh-in in the history of boxing!  Never underestimate the purchase power of Latinos, we filled that MGM weigh-in and showed Money Mayweather that even in his house, we go to his fridge, pop open a beer, kick our shoes off and make ourselves feel at home! ¡Ahuevo!

The atmosphere at the MGM was absolutely electrifying, red white and green could be seen everywhere.  The big question was if Canelo could make the 152 lbs. weight, which he did and he owned it! The crowd was singing along to the song that Canelo walked out to.  Canelo, with a toothy grin, looked to be enjoying every minute of it.

Floyd followed Canelo and he looked like a midget next to the giant bodyguards walking him to the ring.  Floyd, soaking it all in, enjoying and singing the song he came out to, U.O.E.N.O.  The crowd was not as receptive of Floyd.  There was a calm, quiet reaction in the crowd along with some booing.

Both fighters stepped on the scale, and the official weights were:  ÁLVAREZ – 152 LBS and MAYWEATHER 150 ½ LBS

At the face-off… “Money” smiled and chewed gum like a kid trying to be defiant to his middle school teacher, inches from Canelo’s face.  Canelo stared into his eyes.  Floyd rocked his shoulders back and forth, trying to get a reaction from the rojo.  Canelo cracked a smile; he looked like he was trying hard not to laugh at Money’s teasing.  Canelo turned and placed to the crowd.  Floyd wanted Canelo to hold the belt but Canelo brushed him off like a fly hovering over his menudo.  Canelo walked away with a mean mug on his face, kind of saying “pinche pendejo”.  He did not want to pose with Floyd and the belt, he was not about to play Floyd’s game and act like they were buddies, because they aren’t.

This fight is expected to break the Pay-Per-View records that Mayweather vs. De La Hoya set in 2007.  As you can see on the graph below, Tyson holds the record for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place in PPV sales for boxing.

We’ve been spoiled this month: Floyd vs. Canelo, Matthysse vs. Garcia, GTA V and FIFA 14 all released in the same month.  What a month! But this is the time we’ve all been waiting for! The day is here! Will there be a new King or will Mayweather pull it off again?

Watch Weigh In at MGM Canelo vs Mayweather

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