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ICE Will Begin Detaining Immigrant Children In Military Warehouses

ICE and the Trump administration have come up with a truly evil plan on how to deal with immigrant minors that come over undocumented. Not only do they plan to separate them from their families, they also plan on keeping them in large warehouses on military bases across the country. This is a further plan by ICE, which has been criticized for their brutal Gestapo-like tactics, to dehumanize and punish immigrants. Anyone who comes over and is caught under the age of 18 will be sent to these military facilities unaccompanied by their parents and family. What is the point of all this? To destroy the family unit of people the government sees as undesirable. This is an old American practice.

During the 19th century thousands of Native Americans had their families murdered and ripped apart as they were forced off their land and into reservations. Let’s all remember the Trail of Tears to name only once instance. Then there was the deliberate practice of selling off members of Black slave families for profit, punishment, and to keep slave uprisings from happening. And, of course, there was the detention of Japanese-Americans who were split up many times and sent to internment camps during WWII. The way that you control a people is by destroying the root of all communities: the basic family structure. That is precisely what they are trying to do.

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