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Introducing ¡Rob! Bingo! ¡Ay Caramba!

As you already know, ¡Rob!Rob Schneider’s sure to be awful and offensive new sitcom– premieres tonight on CBS (8:30 PM EST/ 7:30 PM Central). We’re encouraging everyone to not tune in, not just because it sets Latinos back a couple of decades but because it looks genuinely bad, stereotypes or not.

But if you– like us– feel compelled to subject yourself to suicidal-thoughts-inducing programming, we worked with our friend Not Zombies to create the following ¡Rob! bingo card. Print it and make it into a drinking game (for your sake):

Click to enlarge

One last suggestions: Turn it into a drinking game. You might hate yourself tomorrow, but the hangover will surely distract you from the fact that you supported this terrible program.


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