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iPhone Applications Help Fight Crime in Brazil

by Lucas Molandes

As a person who doesn’t have children, I don’t know the costs I would endure to find my child if he/she/it were taken from me. However, if someone were to steal my iPad (my girlfriend and I are currently discussing if we can afford or are responsible enough to have one), I’m sure I would do whatever it took to bring the thieves to justice. That’s why I can completely empathize with “Ivan” from Brazil, who had his iPad stolen from him this past weekend as he made his way home in a cab. As the thieves drove off with his belongings, I’m sure that Ivan must have felt the same sense of loss that Nancy Grace feels when a child goes missing. Probably more so.

iPads are so much better than children. For starters, they don’t throw tantrums in public places. Also, you can stick an iPad in an electrical socket and it wont hurt them. And best of all, you can rub your junk all over it just to see what happens without worrying that you’ll scar it for life. Luckily for our friend Ivan, he had the anti-theft application “Find My Iphone” installed on his device, which made it possible for him to track his belongings to their exact location.

In the United States, it takes roughly 24 hours to get the cops involved on a missing person’s case, but when Ivan went to the cops in Brazil to tell them about the theft of his first generation iPad, the police jumped into action and helped him as much as he needed. If you’re wondering why cops were so quick to help Ivan look for his “objects,” when it seems like cops have to be bribed just to help locate a missing person, the answer is in the form of a question: do you have any idea how much Apple technology cost in Brazil?  Roughly $867 American. Simply put,  anyone can have a child, but only a few people in Brazil are lucky enough to be blessed with a miracle like an iPad.

Guess which one of these is expendable.

If you take anything away from Ivan’s story, I hope it’s that you understand the importance of taking time to protect yourself by installing an iPhone tracking application. It will help help discourage these types of thefts. Of course, even then, if you’re in Brazil, please keep your Apple fetish objects close to you at all times because if there’s one thing that Steve Jobs taught us, it’s that iPad life is precious.

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