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Multitasking Coming To The iPhone! Waste Less Calories Pressing Buttons

The most annoying thing about the iPhone is its inability to easily switch apps. In order to go from one app to another you have to close the app your in, go to the home screen, click on the other app, open it, then go back to the home screen, and click on the app you had open before. For a company that likes to do everything with one button that’s a lot of friggin’ steps.

But fear not! The geek chic nerds of Cupertino are beta testing a new multitasking option for the new iOS 4.3 update. It is similar to a function they are also testing on the iPad and will use the same four finger swiping technique. The problem is that four fingers is fine for an iPad but on the tiny iPhone screen it seems like a bit of overkill. Perhaps two fingers for the iPhone would be a better fit.

The video below demonstrates the multitasking feature as well as a handy lock feature that keeps the screen rotation from switching on you while you are doing something. There is also a one touch mute function so you don’t have to mess with that stupid button on the side that broke off a year ago. It is just in beta testing now so hopefully those issues will be cleared up soon so you can switch from Angry Birds to your email and look more productive.

via Engadget

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