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Ipotty the training toilet seat

The iPotty, a training toilet with a built-in iPad stand, is supposed to make potty training fun, but is it good for our kids? HuffPost Executive Lifestyle Editor Lori Leibovich joins Caitlyn to discuss the product and the criticism it is getting.

The iPotty has been designed to help children learn to use the potty by keeping them entertained when nature calls. The idea is that they won’t mind sitting there for longer if they’re watching a favorite cartoon or playing Angry Birds. And we’ve seen enough iPad toy add-ons – from the Mattel Apptivity Play to the iTikes range – to know kids love playing with an iPad.

The stand can be rotated between vertical and horizontal views and adjusted to three positions. The iPotty is said to be suitable for children from six months to three years. In case you’re worried about the safety of your precious one (the iPad, obviously), there’s a removable screen guard cover to protect it from almost anything your little one can “throw” at it.


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