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Jerry Garcia Documentary In The Works

In 2012 there will be a doc released on one of the most influential musicians of the last 50 years, Jerry Garcia. Personally, we aren’t big fans of the Grateful Dead. Maybe because we weren’t around in the 60’s to take LSD in the Kool-Aid acid tests in San Francisco. Still, you can’t argue with the fact that the guy had an impact. He had thousands of followers whose entire lives were dedicated to following him around listening to the same songs for 40 years. Along with Carlos Santana, he was the main Latino presence in the whole hippie, 60’s, psychedelic, thing.

The doc will feature interviews with Garcia over his long career. The doc is directed by Malcolm Leo and is based on the Garcia biography “Dark Star” by Robert Greenfield. Garcia died in 1995 of a massive heart attack brought on by his weight and years of drug abuse. We tend not to think of Jerry Garcia as a Latino, like he belongs to a different ethnicity called filthy hippie. However, he was born in Mexico, was a native Spanish speaker, and always claimed a great deal of pride in his Latino roots. Love his music or hate it, the guy was influential. Here is a video of him and the Dead as skeleton puppets.

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