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Jimmy Fallon Takes Over The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon climbed aboard as captain of The Tonight Show last night, and man was it great. Jimmy looked nervous, yet optimistic. The Roots, The Tonight Show’s band, had more members, which gave the music a whole new dimension. There were celebrity cameos. Jimmy’s parents were there. And perhaps, best of all, no more Jay Leno, a man whose head is so large that it prevented sunlight from hitting Conan O’Brien’s career. Not that I’m hating on Leno. It’s just nice to see someone new get a chance to host the Tonight Show until Leno decides to come out of retirement. Again. Oh man, has anyone done that joke before?

In all seriousness, I can’t help but wonder how long Jimmy Fallon will host The Tonight Show. The way people watch television has changed, especially among the younger demographic, who Fallon will most likely appeal to. I didn’t even watch the episode until today when the highlights were broadcast all over the internet. It’s not Leno’s fault that the internet has given viewing audiences more options when it comes to watching things. Leno’s ratings held strong because most of his audience doesn’t know what the internet is (old person joke), so they made sure to watch him when he was actually on the picture box even if it meant staying up five hours past their bed time.

It used to be that if you got the job of hosting The Tonight Show, you were set up until you died. Kind of like how marriage use to be. Being host meant you’d be joking about Bill Clinton and handling exotic pets until you went on to that great talk show in the sky. These days, however, The Tonight Show doesn’t seem content with staying in a monogamous relationship for too long. Kind of like marriage is now. When Conan O’Brien took over, it was like The Tonight Show was tired of being with the same host for so long that it just wanted a fling with whoever was willing. Hopefully the problems that plagued Conan’s tenure will not take Fallon down. Hopefully NBC (I think that’s what channel the show is on) will realize that the talk show’s days are numbered, and I’m not just talking about a decline in ratings.

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