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Joan Rivers Passes Away

Legendary comedian Joan Rivers has passed away today at the age of 81 her daughter Melissa confirmed. She had been in a medically induced coma for a week since she stopped breathing during surgery. Rivers was famous for her asserbic wit and cutting tongue. She loved to lay into people who dared by lame. She was a true pioneer. Back in the 60’s when no woman did stand-up, she became one of the biggest comics in the country. Over her fifty year career she blazed the trail for women comedians. She hosted her own talk show in the late 80’s and often filled in for Johnny Carson back in the day. The last few years she hosted the Fashion Police on E! and took down many a fashion victim.

What’s weird is that my wife saw Joan perform just hours before she went to the clinic for the surgery. She joked that she could drop dead on the stage and give the people a hell of an anecdote. First Robin Williams and now Joan Rivers. The world is becoming less funny by the day.

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