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Jose Canseco Returns To Baseball?

Jose Canseco has just signed to play with the Mexican triple-A Quintana Roo Tigers. No, it isn’t 1985. Canseco, who is 47 years old, joined the team in an effort to make it back into the major leagues. Let’s forget for a second how absurd it is for a guy in his late forties to be playing professional baseball. Here is a guy who at one time was one of the best. Of course, one of the reasons he was so good is because he was juicing more than Tropicana. Canseco is one of the most hated men in baseball. Not only did he name names in his book, “Juiced”, but he’s also just kind of a D-bag. Going back to the MLB isn’t going to happen. If he needs a job, Wal-Mart is always hiring retirees as greeters.

Jose Canseco is like that drunk uncle that always embarrasses you at Thanksgiving by coming on to your girlfriend and then vomiting in a potted plant. The thing to remember is that ultimately he’s the one that should really be embarrassed. So, let the old fart put on a uniform and hit the field in Cancun. If nothing else it should be really funny. Mostly tragic, but really funny.

Via Fox News Latino.

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