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Jose Ferrer To Get His Own Forever Stamp

The U.S. postal service announced that they are putting the great Jose Ferrer on a first-class forever stamp in 2012. The Puerto Rican actor was chosen as part of their distinguished Americans series of stamps. Jose Ferrer was one of the most accomplished actors of the 20th century. He won a bunch of Tony awards and garnered two Oscar nominations. He was one of the first Latinos to win an Oscar for his portrayal of Cyrano de Bergerac.

If you consider thae fact that 60 years ago a lot of Puerto Ricans couldn’t get served at half the restaurants in New York, you can see how huge this is. Ferrer was one of the pioneers for Latinos in the media. When other Latino actors like Anthony Quinn and Rita Hayworth were changing their names in order to get roles, he kept the very Latino name of Jose Ferrer. There would be no Antonio Banderas, Sofia Vergara, or Selena Gomez without the great Jose Ferrer.


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