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Judge Blocks Arizona’s Anti-Immigration License Policy

In a small step to changing Arizona’s draconian anti-immigration laws, a judge said it was unconstitutional for Arizona to deny driver’s licenses to recent immigrants. Arizona Jan Brewer had advocated a law that would have blocked recent and undocumented young people from obtaining a license or accessing certain services. This in spite of the fact that they had temporary papers and authorization by the Obama administration as part of the the DREAM act. The judge found that denying the young immigrants access to these services violated the equal protection under the law clause. Brewer’s allies said that it did not violate the law because…um…they said so. I’m sure Brewer and her cadre of anti-immigration cronies will try to appeal the decision.

I’ve been in Arizona the last week and I’ve been very careful to drive the speed limit. I don’t want to get pulled over and accidentally deported for having a Spanish last name. I really don’t need the headache of trying to get back to the United States through a hole in the fence.

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