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Justin Bieber Is Hooking Up With Adriana Lima

In what can only prove that there is no justice in this world, talentless ferret troll Justin Bieber hooked up with super gorgeous Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adriana Lima at the Cannes Film Festival. What the little Canadian fancy lad was doing at the festival is anyone’s guess. Lima, who recently broke up with her NBA player husband Marko Jaric, was pursued by the “singer” at the 1Oak’s party. He wore down her resistance with his inane chattering until she gave in. I’m not sure if he drugged her or just hypnotized her with his stupidity, but the two were seen making out and, presumably, going back to get it on. I’m not sure what the F Bieber’s problem is with going after Latinas but it’s got to stop. First, he practically ruins Selena Gomez’s life and then he dates model Yovanna Ventura.

Latinas of the world, it is time for us to make a pact right here and now: Promise me that none of you will date Justin Bieber in the future. We have to stop the cycle of Biebs creeping on our women before he strikes again. Not one more, Justin. Never again.

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