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Justin Bieber Throws Hissy Fit At Deposition Over Selena Gomez

Everyone’s favorite ferret-faced hobbit, Justin Bieber, is acting like a little brat again. This time it was during his deposition for an assault case where he and his body guards are accused of beating up a photographer. In possibly his greatest performance yet, Bieber scowls, condescends, and acts like the biggest A-hole this side of the Canadian border. He dismisses claims that Usher discovered him (he did), that he has a problem with drugs (obviously he does), and that he’s a little douche (absolutely). Things got particularly heated when the lawyer started asking questions about Bieber’s relationship to ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. Bieber threatens the lawyer with not asking him about her again. When the lawyer persists, Bieber takes off his mic and leaves only to come back a few minutes later. It’s interesting that he’s so touchy on the subject as officially they’ve been broken up for a while.

Then again they were seen hanging out in Texas earlier this week so maybe not. They had lunch, got some Starbucks, and booked time in a dance studio with a choreographer. Maybe they are working on a project together or maybe they are trying to rekindle their love through jazzercise. Either way, me thinks the lady doth protest too much, (I’m talking about Bieber).

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