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Justin Bieber Will Not Be Deported

The White House has decided not to deport smiling floppy-haired weasel Justin Bieber back to Canada. A petition was started on the White House website to send Biebs back to Vancouver, eh. The petition got way over the 100,000 required signatures to get a response from the White House. But the government refuses to comment on the issue saying,

“Sorry to disappoint, but we won’t be commenting on this one.”

First of all, that’s B.S. The creators of the petition were guaranteed a real response from the White House if they got the requisite amount of signatures, which they did. But why won’t they comment? The petition discussed how Bieber’s criminal behavior like driving drunk is endangering the life of everyday Americans and that we shouldn’t have to put up with that from a foreign national. So, let me get this straight, the administration refuses to deport a kid who flagrantly puts American lives at risk but has deported millions of hard working undocumented people over the last six years? People who only want to work and make a little money to give their families a better life get sent back every day and yet this little puss bucket gets off scott free?

Does anyone else see a problem with priorities here?

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