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Justin Bieber’s House Raided After Egging Incident

Justin Bieber’s mansion was invaded by cops yesterday after Bieber and/or his associates allegedly egged his neighbor’s house. The cops showed up with search warrants to find any evidence connecting Biebs to the egging. Apperantly, they can match the eggs used in the incident to any eggs that might be in his fridge. Plus the cops are counting on the fact that one of his goons was stupid enough to video the egging. It all started last week when one of Bieber’s unfortunate neighbors said that Bieb’s crew egged his house causing a whopping 20k in damages. How exactly you can wrack up $20,000 by using eggs is beyond me. Were they ostrich eggs or something? Either way that dollar amount is bad news for Bieberkins. In the state of California any vandalism that causes more than $400 worth of damage is treated as a felony. This means that if convicted, Justin could see some jail time.

While the cops were searching the premises they arrested Bieber’s boyfriend Lil Za for possession of molly and other drugs. Za was later re-arrested while still in custody for smashing up a jailhouse phone. Bieber has not been arrested or charged with anything…yet. If I had one wish it would be that this stupid incident is the thing that finally takes Justin Bieber down. How poetic would it be if he gets sent to jail for doing something as stupid as egging a neighbor’s house. It’s a fitting punishment for the little weasel-faced d-bag to get sent up the river for doing something that’s usually committed by junior high kids.

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