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The Kardashians Go To Cuba

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Cubans have suffered a lot in their long, tragic history. This week is no different when the Kardashian Klan arrived in Cuba to shoot their horrifically terrible reality show. The Kardashian sisters have posted several selfies smoking cigars and drinking mojitos. Khloe Kardashian even posed with a large sign that says “Fidel”. I would bet serious money, my entire rent check, that Khloe Kardashian doesn’t know who the hell Fidel Castro is. To them it is just another vacation destination that they can exploit. They are the worst of the United States. The Cubans must see them coming and think, “Here come the Yanquis to destroy our island once again.” Do they care about the changing Cuban policy? The trade embargo? The human rights violations? The history of exploitation? Nope. They are there to take selfies.

Unlike many Cuban-American senators who have spoken out against the Kardashian’s trip, I am not against engagement with Cuba. Quite the opposite. I think we should fully engage with Cuba and lift the trade embargo, but I have to admit that days like today make me pause. Because if the Kardashians and their ilk begin frequenting Cuba they will surely ruin everything that is good and beautiful of the island. In the same ways that hipsters are the first wave of gentrification, so too vapid materialistic a-holes like the Kardashians are the first wave of exploitation.

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