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Kate del Castillo — Sean Penn Screwed Me Over with El Chapo Story

The surprise Rolling Stone interview of El Chapo by Sean Penn that may have lead to the capture of the Mexican drug lord has taken a turn. La actriz Mexicana, Kate del Castillo, was originally going to interview El Chapo with two other men as El Chapo contacted them for a possible “Mexican-Godfather” type movie on his life. Sources say that one of the men told Kate that Sean Penn wanted to come along and Kate felt it might help with the movie project if a big star came along. To her surprise, Penn ended up on the cover on Rolling Stone with an exclusive interview with El Chapo. Now the situation has turned into a she said he said.

Regardless of what actually happened, I think Kate del Castillo got the short end of the stick. For starters, she may have pissed off the cartel which could put her life in danger. Then there are rumors that the Mexican government is trying to go after la actriz because she has information that a Mexican government official helped El Chapo escape the maximum security jail. Obviously the Mexican Goverment will not admit to it and instead está acusando a la actriz of money laundering. Que desmadre!

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