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Kids Want Smartphones And Tablets Instead Of Toys For Three Kings Day

Tomorrow is Three Kings Day throughout Latin America. This is the day when Latino kids get a second set of gifts in less than two weeks. The holiday commemorates when the three Magi brought baby Jesus the most useless baby shower gifts ever: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. What Maria and Jose could have really used was a nice Diaper Genie or a Baby Bjorn. In my house growing up, Three Kings Day was usually a let down. I’d get all the cool toys and whatnot on Christmas and then get some underwear and a new Trapper Keeper for Three Kings Day, (It was the 80’s, OK?). Today’s kids are a little more demanding.

A poll taken by a small business association in Mexico found that kids want smartphones and tablet computers from the mysterious travelers from the East. Not even video game systems could compete against the desire for an iPhone 4s or Kindle Fire. If these kids are asking for a $500 iPad for Three Kings, then what did they ask Santi Claus to bring them? A Lexus? My grandfather would have laughed in my face if I had asked for something so expensive. “Are Ju’ crazy? Where are dee Reyes Magos going to plug it in the charger? The camel’s culo?”

Via Univision.

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