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Kurt Sutter Developing ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Mayans Spinoff

For all those who watched Kurt Sutter’s motorcycle series Sons of Anarchy and wanted more storyline on the Mayans, well looks like you may get that in a new series. On Sons, the Mayans were positioned as a rival California motorcycle club, made up of mostly Mexican-Americans in the heroin distribution business. The Oakland charter, led by president Marcus Alvarez (played by Emilio Rivera), began the series as SAMCRO’s adversary. But as time went on, SAMCRO built up a tenuous working relationship with the Mayans, both as business partners and partners in crime and turf wars.

There are many questions and rumors around this new series. Will we see the Sons of Anarchy in the spin off? What original Mayan members will be in the show? Will it be a continuation of Sons of Anarchy or a prequel. These and many more will hopefully be answered soon. I really enjoyed Sons of Anarchy and can’t wait for the new series.

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