There Is Now a Galaxy Named After Cristiano Ronaldo

July 05, 2015 

The futbol star, Cristiano Ronaldo just took the lead over Lionel Messi in a statistical category that will be very hard to beat. Ronaldo now has a galaxy named after him, Que? A team of scientists in Europe recently discovered a distant galaxy called CR7 which stands for Cosmos Redshift 7, but it also stands….


U.S. And Cuba To Open Embassies This Month

APphoto_US Cuba
July 01, 2015 

Six months after announcing an intention to ease relations between the embattled nations, President Obama and Raul Castro have announced that they will reestablish full diplomatic relations July 20th. An embassy will open in both Havana and Washington D.C. for the first time since 1960. It was then that president Kennedy cut off ties with….


NBC Fires Donald Trump Over Immigration Remarks

June 30, 2015 

Finally NBC does the correct thing and drops the Miss USA and the Miss Universe pageant after Donald Trump called Mexicans rapist, drug users and criminals. Pero eso no es suficiente. I remember when Paula Dean’s show was canceled for insulting the African-American community and Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty was suspended for his anti-gay….


Mexico Threatens to Pull out of Miss Universe Pageant Following Donald Trump’s Remarks

June 28, 2015 

The president of the organization that chooses Miss Mexico is no happy with Donald Trump’s negative comments about Mexicans during his presidential bid. During an interview with Mexican radio channel Radio Formula, Lupita Jones said she feels disrespected as a Mexican and a woman after Trump’s allegations that Mexican exports drugs, crime and rapists to….


Perez Hilton To Play Danny Tanner In “Full House” Musical

June 26, 2015 

For those of you that have never had the pleasure of knowing me, you may not know about my love…nay…obsession with Full House. Don’t get me wrong, I know it is a terrible show. But there is something about the show that I can’t resist. It’s like mental heroin. I can watch the adventures of….

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