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Free Bud Light if Mexico Beats Brazil

June 28, 2018 

Anheuser-Busch announced that if El Tri breaks the “curse of the fifth” and advances to the World Cup quarterfinals, it would provide free beer. Since 1994 World Cup, Mexico has not been able to advance past the Round of 16, a defeat Mexican soccer fans have called the “curse of the fifth game.” Mexico will….


Get Your Sangria Ready, Let’s Talk Gipsy Kings

June 27, 2018 

If you go to southern Spain, you will undoubtedly run into the Roma people. The tour bus driver will probably tell you to watch your wallet around them. But there is more to these gitanos than tossing a baby at you in order to rob you. From music to fashion, Roma culture has had a….


Mexico Fined by FIFA For Discriminatory and Insulting Chants at World Cup

June 26, 2018 

FIFA has fined the Mexican Football Federation $10,000 dollars for the actions of the El Tri’s fans during its stunning win over Germany. The fine was for “discriminatory and insulting chants” aimed at the German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. In other words, some fans yield out the popular and now infamous chant, ehhhh puto. A new….


Eva Longoria Gives Birth to Baby Boy

June 24, 2018 

Eva Longoria’s son is finally here! The 43-year-old actress and her husband, Jose “pepe” Baston, welcomed their first child together, a baby boy. The proud parents named the newborn Santiago Enrique Baston. He weighed 6 pounds and 13 ounces. Hola magazine had the world exclusive of the birth of her boy. “We are so grateful….


Doctors Call for Warning Label on Avocados

June 23, 2018 

According to reports, amateur cooks just can’t seem to slice up the fruit a staple of Mexican food without chopping into their hands. Surgeons have seen a spike in the number of people who seriously injure themselves while trying to penetrate avocados. Now the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons is demanding a….

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