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Lawmakers In Mexico City Seek To Bar Donald Trump

March 07, 2016 

One of Donald Trump’s main targets for his hateful vitriol is Mexico. According to him, all of America’s problems can be traced to either Mexico, Muslims, or Barack Obama. Lawmakers in Mexico City have had enough and they made a motion to bar Donald Trump from entering the country. Deputy José Manuel Delgadillo introduced the….


San Salvador is the Murder Capital of the World

March 06, 2016 

El Salvador is the world’s most violent country and its capital, San Salvador, is the city with the most homicides in the world. In 2015 there were 49 police officers assassinated. According to new figures by the Institute of Legal Medicine in El Salvador, there were 6,656 killings last year. The national homicide rate is….


Desperate Drug Lord Chapo Guzman Wants Quick Extradition To US

March 03, 2016 

Parece que “El Chapo” Guzman ahora si quiere que lo extradiden a E.U. por falta de dormir. Apparently “El Chapo” is so desperate to get some sleep that he rather be sent to a US prison. Guzman’s defense team is seeking to negotiate with US authorities to ship the drug lord para el norte de….


The Rolling Stones To Play Havana

"Rolling Stones"-Konzert
March 02, 2016 

The legendary British rock band The Rolling Stones announced that they will be playing a free concert in Havana on March 25th. This comes in the midst of an exciting month of events that exemplify the continuing thaw between the United States and Europe and the communist country. A few days before the concert, President….


The Oscar Diversity Issue Isn’t Just A Black Problem

February 29, 2016 

On last night’s Oscar telecast, host Chris Rock poked fun at the controversy over there being no Black actor nominees and very little recognition of non-Whites in other categories as well. The massive #Oscarssowhite campaign on social media led to celebrities like Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith and Spike Lee boycotting the Oscars. But Rock seemed….

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