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Latin American Drinks That Will Make You Forget About Pumpkin Spice Lattes


With Fall officially here and the days are getting cooler, it’s pumpkin spice season. But what if you want a traditional Latin American drink that rivals or is even better then Pumpkin spice lattes. No se preocupen que hay les va some Latin American drinks que son muy deliciosos.

Chocolate de Maní
This peanut based hot chocolate drink is very popular in Dominican Republic. Toasted peanuts, skim milk, cinnamon, cloves and ground nutmeg make up this hot delicious drink.

Next on our list is a cold drink from Nicaragua. Pinolillo has a gritty texture from the cornmeal used. Made of Cacao, Milk or water, cinnamon, toasted ground corn kernels and typically served ice cold.

Para los amantes del chocolate caliente, this is your drink. Champurrado also know as atole, this Mexican drink is a thick hot chocolate made from corn, piloncillos, and chocolate. Y acompañado con un rico pan dulce lo hace más rico.

This fruity drink is traditionally served in Mexico during the christmas season. Piloncillo, dark cane sugar, guavas, oranges, appples, tejocotes, cinnamon sticks make up this delicious citrusy beverage. And the best part you can add Rum or tequila to add some kick. These are just a few fall/winter drinks found in Latin America that will make you forget about pumpkin spice lattes, enjoy.

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