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Latina Model Yovanna Ventura Falls For Justin Bieber

Yet another beautiful Latina girl, Yovanna Ventura, has fallen into the sinister clutches of the Canadian demon of mediocrity known as Justin Bieber. Yovanna and the little ferret-faced troll have been seen around town together over the last few weeks. They also attended the Floyd Mayweather v. Marcos Maidana fight. Sources say that it looks like the two are dating, though no official word has come from Bieber’s minions. He certainly has a type: Hot Latina model/singers/actresses. He wasn’t content with trying to ruin Selena Gomez’s life, now he’s after Yovanna’s mind, body, and soul. There are people in this world that are just bad news. They take all the goodness and positivity in your life and trample it under their tiny girlish feet. Justin is one of those people.

Latinas, please listen to your tio Jack. If you are approached by Justin Bieber, run the other way. Do not engage him in conversation and don’t look him in the eye. Just get away as quickly as possible and wash your hands or any part of you he may have touched thoroughly with lye soap.

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