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2012 New Year’s Resolution List For The Latino Community

The start of a new year is a perfect time to stop and think about the things we want to accomplish. So as to ensure that the Latino community makes the most of 2012, we’ve come up with six suggestions to work on over the next 365 days.

Chuntaritos Can’t Exist Anymore

A quick poll at the Tu Vez offices voted the rise of the planet of the Chuntarito as the most annoying Latino trend of 2011. With good reason, too. Dudes, we’re all for self expression of all types… except this one. To this day, no one has provided us with a justification for the long pointy boots. They don’t make sense and you’re giving people the impression that we’re all rejects from Santa Claus’s workshop.

This needs to stop.

Don’t get us wrong. We don’t think your entire movement/fad is an abomination. The music is cool. But those shoes! For every day we see one of you babosos wearing Legolas’s shoes, we’re forced to wear a suit to counteract you. We hate wearing suits.

Hit The Books

We tried to excel when we were in school. Our reward for trying to make something of ourselves? Negativity.  “Why are you acting white? Only Whites and Asians get good grades” we were told. How does flunking out of school make you more Latino? Screw that. What it does make you is poorer. In 2005, the average high school dropout made $17,299 a year. Someone with a high school degree? $26,933. And the single biggest reason to get a bachelor’s degree? In 2005, on average, college grads earned $52,671.

The good news: Latinos are enrolling in colleges more than they used to. There was a 24% surge in Latino enrollment in 2010. The bad news: less Latinos complete college than any other minority group. Latinos only make up 15% of the total number of students in college, even though our numbers are increasing exponentially. We can do better.

Stop Supporting George Lopez and Carlos Mencia

George Lopez and Carlos Mencia are the worst thing to happen to Latinos since Hernan Cortes and scratch-off lotto tickets. That’s not an exaggeration.  We as a people need to stop  throwing money at these two, who are making serious bank perpetuating negative stereotypes that DON’T speak for every Latino. How much feria are we talking about? According to Celebrity Net Worth, el GLo. is worth an estimated $50 million and earns about $8.5 million PER STAND-UP TOUR! As per Ned Arnel Holness, alias Carlos Mencia, his joke thieving and pigeonholing has made him roughly $35 million.

Given the option between the two, we'd take a needle in the eye.

We understand your desire to support Latinos in comedy and in the media, but you’re only giving these two douchebags (and Gabriel Iglesias, now that we think about it) more of a reason to continue their brown-faced minstrel show. If you want to support Latino stand-up, go see up-and-coming comedians. There are droves of quality acts that could use your support. We recommend you check out our very own Lucas Molandes.

Know Your History

It’s been our experience that young Latino-Americans don’t know much about their culture. Assimilating into American culture is by and large a good thing, but this shouldn’t come at the expense of– sorry for sounding hokey– knowing your roots.That’s why Jack Tomas, our resident Cuban-American, started the Cuban Music Lessons recurring feature. He found it appalling that not just Latinos, but Cuban-Americans were generally ignorant about Cuba’s rich musical heritage. This problem isn’t exclusive to our Cubanos. Ask a Mexican kid in East L.A. who Benito Juarez was or a Puerto Rican kid in New York to sing you a Gran Combo song, and they’ll look at you like a dog that’s just been shown a card trick. Learn about your past!

Make Your Own Damn Original Music

As we touched upon above, Latinos have a rich musical tradition. We are the children of Jose Alfredo Jimenez and Perez Prado. Music is in our genes. So why in the hell are you trying to be the norteño version of Lady Gaga or the Black Eyed Peas? Stop it! And if you feel the need to reinterpret Adele’s music, don’t do it like this. Just follow in these kids’ footsteps:


We finished 2011 by summarizing what we thought were the two biggest trends concerning Latinos for the year: marketers and advertisers courting us, and the rest of America hating us. The reason people are able to get away with the latter is because of our political inactivity. It’s easy to vilify those who don’t speak up for themselves. If you do one thing and one thing only in 2012, please let it be you exercising your right to vote. It doesn’t matter if you’re a liberal or a conservative, make your voice heard.

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