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Latino Spider-Man Miles Morales Gets His Own Animated Movie

Latino Spider-Man Miles Morales will star in his own feature length animated movie called Into The Spider-Verse. Miles Morales has been around for a while as the Ultimate Spider-Man and he’s taken over the primary roll for a bit, even though Peter Parker is still around. The trailer below seems to suggest that they will both be web slinging in this movie? I’m not sure as it’s only a teaser. Morales is one of the first mainstream Latino superheroes and the first Afro-Latino. The movie is produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller and Miles will be voiced by Shameik Moore from The Get Down. The movie will some out next winter, so they are really getting a head start on advertising.

When I was a little kid the only Latino superhero was Zorro, and I loved me the F out of some Zorro. Today, things are becoming more diverse. What’s nice about Miles is that both Blacks and Latinos can look to him for representation. These things are important. I want kids growing up today to have more to look up to than a bunch of peachy white superheroes.

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