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Latinos Are On Facebook And Twitter More Than Anyone Else

The image you get in the media of people who are really “jacked-in” to the Internet, social media, and gadgets is overwhelmingly White. Every one from IT nerds to Facebook users are not only W.A.S.P.y, they are really W.A.S.P.y. And yet, Latinos use Twitter and Facebook more than Whites. A recent study by the Pew think tank, discovered that 18% of Latino Internet users are on Twitter as opposed to only 5% of Whites. Additionally, 54% of Latino Internet users have Facebook accounts compared to 43% of White folk. Even this author’s cousins in Cuba are on Facebook What’s going on?

We think it has to do with a number of factors. First of all, we tend to have family all over the place. We may have family in our native country or clear across the United States. Because we are mostly recent immigrants, we went to wherever we could find work. Also, we are a social people. No Latino is an island, except maybe that Hurley guy on “Lost”, (This isn’t a fat joke, he was the island at the end right?). It’s also been shown that Latinos use smartphones and other gadgets in higher numbers than Whites. So, then why is the image of the Facebook and Twitter user so overwhelmingly White? It probably has to do with the idea that all of us Latinos are so poor we can’t afford to buy smartphones or computers. Conversely, aren’t we all too busy selling crack and having babies to be online? Facebook and Twitter will probably take these stats into account and try to reach out to us more. We bet Mark Zuckerberg regrets screwing over his Latino partner Eduardo Saverin now, huh?

Via Univision.

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