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Latinos Attend New York’s Express Ash Wednesday

I was strolling near New York’s famous St. Patrick’s Cathedral yesterday when I noticed something peculiar. There were hundreds of people going into the church and then exiting soon thereafter. It was Ash Wednesday yesterday and I expected people to go to Church, but either the masses have gotten quicker or something was going on. I also observed that among the faithful, there seemed to be a majority of Latinos. Old abuelas, young Puerto Rican moms with baby strollers, Cuban Santeros dressed all in white, Dominicans in “Scarface” jackets, Mexicans just getting off of work, everyone was going in and then promptly coming out. So, what was going on?

It turns out that St. Pat’s created an express line, where you could go in and receive the ashes on your forehead without having to sit through mass. This is so New York. In this city where everyone is in a hurry and you can get everything from Chinese food to street drugs delivered, (I’ve heard), it was only a matter of time before we had quick religion. I guess what surprised me was the number of Latinos that were participating in express Ash Wednesday. I expected them to be among those who preferred to stay for the mass and leave that express stuff for our other European Catholic brothers and sisters. It just goes to show that we Latinos are in as much of a hurry as anyone else. Maybe that’s a good thing. It just goes to show that our lifestyle is just as hectic as anyone else’s. Regardless of ethnicity, we are all living in a world that is so fast paced, even the Church has to try and keep up.

Via Fox News Latino.


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