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How To Celebrate 4th of July Mexican Style

With our national Independence Day, better known as the Fourth of July here, it’s time to celebrate. For those that have been invited to celebrate the 4th of July at a Mexican household,  we have a survival guide so you know what to expect.

First of all you must understand that even though it is America’s independence, you may feel like its Mexico’s independence. Don’t expect Coors light, Budweiser or Miller Light instead there will be plenty of Corona, Dos Equis and Modelo on ice. Oh and lets not forget about your favorite Tequila drink either straight up or mixed. Since the World Cup games will be on, all the tios, abuelitos, and primos will be watching the games, but if you don’t like soccer you can always hang out with the ladies. While getting your drink on, most likely you will be munching on tostadas de cueritos, curtido, duro and yes there will be chips, dip and salsa. While munching on snacks and getting you drink don’t expect to hear your favorite Willy Nelson, Aerosmith or country music song. Instead you will hear plenty of Banda, Mariachi, rock en español and maybe some Lady Gaga or Beyonce. When it comes to dinner time, don’t expect a BBQ. Instead you will enjoy a Carne Asada with cebollitas, nopales asados, chorizo and if your lucky some grilled hot dogs. Before you serve yourself that mouth watering carne asada you will be asked to try abuelitas arroz and frijoles de la olla. I suggest you go and try some because if you don’t abuelita will start thinking that you did not like it.  After talking about how Mexico go robbed in the World Cup for hours, it’s time for Dessert. Don’t expect flan or pastel de tres leches that just takes too much time instead most likely you will have some gelatina con fruta and or nieve. So finally its getting dark and it’s time to light the fireworks or better yet light some illegal fireworks that the primo got from the friend of a  brother that knows a guy in Tijuana that has the hook ups. But don’t worry there will also be plenty of Fireworks that you can buy at the corner. So after all of that and you had a couple of more drinks it’s time to head home but before you do you will be asked to take home some left overs. Even if you refuse you will almost be obligated, after all Latinos families are good host so just take the food and you can enjoy it tomorrow.

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