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Lego Helmet Makes Pew Pew Noises For Comics

We loved comic books when we were kids. Okay, who are we kidding? We still love them. Anyway, as we were saying, the adventures of Batman and Green Lantern took us away from our lives as nerdy Latino kids in the suburbs. One thing comics do that other forms of literature don’t, is write out sounds. In a book it would say something like, “Batman punched The Riddler in the face.” In a comic it would show Batman hitting The Riddler in the face and a bubble that said “Smack!” or would accompany the image. We can imagine what a punch sounds like, but what about the “Bamf!” sound Nightcrawler makes when he teleports? What the hell does that sound like?

Luckily, designer Jonathan Robson has the answers. He invented a helmet for Lego that looks like a space helmet on one of Lego’s minifigs. The helmet is equipped with speakers and syncs up to a Lego comic book via a USB drive. As the kid reads the comic out loud, the helmet plays the appropriate “Smack”, “Boom”, “Pew Pew”, or whatever. It seems totally impractical, if cool. Perhaps, the struggling publishing industry will take note and make use of this invention. You could pop in a USB drive of Moby Dick and hear the sound of whale blubber boiling or listen as Patrick Bateman uses a chainsaw on a prostitute in American Psycho. The possibilities are endless!

Via Gizmodo.

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