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In Memoriam, Leslie Nielsen Sings “Besame Mucho”

It’s a sad morning for comedy lovers. Leslie Nielsen, star of the Naked Gun and Airplane movies passed away at age 84.

Nielsen was a well known dramatic actor in the 60’s starring in classic TV shows like The Virginian, Bonanza, and Gunsmoke. But it was acting like a bumbling goofball in Airplane and the Naked Gun movies that gave himworldwide fame. In later years he became the Lawrence Olivier of parody movies starring in films such as Repossessed and Dracula: Dead and Loving it.

The clip below is from Naked Gun 2 1/2 where he, George Papard, Harry Potter’s uncle, and famous murderer OJ Simpson sing Besame Mucho.

Surely he will be missed…and don’t call him Shirley.

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