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Like Your Christmas Tree? Thank A Mexican

Right now, families all over our great country are still enjoying their Christmas trees. For many of us, decorating the tree is one of the best parts of the holiday season. And who should you thank for the opportunity to partake in this great tradition? A Mexican.

Here’s a fun fact: most of the Christmas trees in the country come from North Carolina. And, according to the stats, 85% of the Christmas tree workforce in North Carolina is Mexican. It’s tough work. Not only do they have to harvest, dress, and transport the trees, but they also have to oversee the planting of new trees. And as one of our readers pointed out, the resin of the trees makes work gloves useless very quickly and therefore, it makes the manual labor very manual. Those guys must have skin as hard as a reindeer’s hooves.

The irony is that a lot of the politicians, pundits, and other yahoos that whine about an assault on Christmas are usually the same people that want to be grincho gringos and kick all the Mexicans out. You know what that would do? Kill Christmas. We need to show some love for the Mexican dudes harvesting our trees. Let’s also recognize that between the children who assemble your kids’ toys in Honduras, the cooks who baked your country style ham, and the tree dudes, you owe Christmas to Latinos. And while we’re at it, why hasn’t there ever been a movie with a Latino Santa Claus? Hollywood would want to cast George Lopez. Aye Humbug, we say! Obviously, Edward James Olmos would play Santi Claus, Sofia Vergara would play Señora Claus, and Luis Guzman would play the plucky Puerto Rican elf Tostone. Immigration could come and arrest all the elves and it’s up to EJO, Sofia, and Luis to save the day. I smell new holiday classic!

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