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What Is The Likelihood That Congress Will Save DACA?

The biggest sticking point of the recent government shutdown was DACA. President Trump kept flip-flopping on keeping it or getting rid of it depending on how polls of his constituents went. The Democrats said that they wouldn’t make a deal that did not include DACA and some kind of immigration reform. The Republicans held them hostage by offering to fund the CHIP program providing much needed health insurance to low income children. Chuck Schumer at one point even offered Trump to fund his controversial border wall if he would keep DACA. Then, as they often do, the Democrats caved and though they saved CHIP, (which is amazing, don’t get me wrong), they agreed to the deal on the promise by Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell that he would bring DACA and comprehensive immigration reform to the floor of congress before the next budget deadline. If this happens I will eat my own foot.

Even though the overwhelming majority of Americans believe that deporting people who came here undocumented as children is wrong, the Republicans in Congress are not going to fight to keep DACA. It’s because they know, as representative Steve Scalise of Louisiana said, “It would anger our base”. It would indeed. After all, Trump rose to power largely by convincing his mostly White supporters that he would kick out anyone who came here undocumented and that he would curb immigration from Latin America severely. It doesn’t matter that it’s the right thing to do or that the majority of Americans agree with DACA. They are going to get rid of it one way or another. Either it will not come up for a vote, it will not pass the House, it will pass but Trump won’t agree to it, or it doesn’t pass the Senate. Either way, DACA is dead for now. Believe it.

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