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Lindsay Lohan And Brazilian Politics?

You know who you want supporting you if you are running for president? Lindsay Lohan. At least that’s what Brazilian presidential candidate Aecio Neves got from the Herbie: Fully Loaded actress. The troubled star who is known for herself being fully loaded chimed in on the upcoming Brazilian election when she Tweeted,

“I support @AecioNeves, for presidential candidature. His platform brings positive changes in Brasil #Aecio45 #HTVBR. Brasil needs change and I support Aecio Neves! He deserves to win the presidency to push forward positive changes and policies for ALL people of Brasil, a country that I adore”

One might ask what in the name of all that is holy does Lindsay “Just My Luck” Lohan know about Brazilian politics? The answer is probably not much. It’s not like she’s one of these politically active celebrities. As a rule I tend to not take any actor’s advice when it comes to who I choose as my political leaders. The reason is that I’ve been around actors all my life and they are effing crazy and half of them never went to college or have ever read a book. One hates to generalize…but it’s true. It’s also cute that she kept using the Portugese spelling of Brazil. This is the kind of thing White folks do to seem more in touch with we Latinos. It’s like when they overpronounce words in a fake Spanish accent, for example when they say NIKARAGWA.

But I wonder if Neves does win will it be because of the Lohan bump?

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