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Lionel Messi Gets 21 Month Prison Sentence


What a tough month for the Argentine football star. First Messi misses a crucial penalty kick in the 2016 Copa América then Argentina loses to Chile and Messi retires from the national team. Now a Barcelona court found Lionel Messi and his father guilty of three counts of tax fraud and were sentenced to 21 months in prison. Pero como siempre the rich and famous don’t actually spend time in prison. This time it will be because under Spanish law a tax prison sentence under two years can be served under probation. Eso quiere decir que Messi and his father are very unlikely to go to prison.

Pero Messi no se escapa, the Spanish court ordered Messi to pay a fine of about €2 mill ($2.2 million), while his father must pay €1.5 million, y todo esto es por no pagar taxes. We all hate to pay the man but we also know that we can’t get away especially when we are talking about millions of dollars.


In 2016, Messi earned a total of $81.4 million making nine the No. 2 in the list of world’s highest paid athletes for 2016. So now the soccer world wants to know if Messi will quit FC Barcelona and leave his problems in Spain behind hime.

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