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Long Live The Most Interesting Man In The World

For nearly nine years the actor Jonathan Goldsmith played “Most Interesting Man in the World” inspired countless memes and helped sales numbers for Dos Equis. In 2016, Dos Equis replaces Goldsmith with the French actor Augustin Legrand, as a younger, but supposedly equally interesting version of the original “Most Interesting Man in the World.”

After the switch, sales of Dos Equis slumped and the brand retired the character all together. Looks like fans decided there could only be one “Most Interesting Man.”

So what happened to the original “Most Interesting Man?”

The actor now works with an award-winning tequila and mescal brand, Astral. In a recent interview, Jonathan Goldsmith talked about being the “Most Interesting Man.”

“I was told that I was the most meme’d person in the world! We had heard rumors that they wanted to go younger for a year or two, so it was not a surprise to me. But I thought, if the campaign was so successful, double-digit growth each year for nine years, why not wait and change later? I was sorry that they did that. I understand that all things come to an end, but I thought the timing of it was ill-advised, and apparently, it was. One door closes, ten open.”

So the question everyone may be asking, does he still drink Dos Equis?

“I have an affection for Dos Equis—I have a long relationship with them, so when it’s hot, and I reach for a beer, sure. And Heineken was always a beer that I enjoyed. I drink them both.”

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