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New Website May End Calls From Stalker Chicks!

Let’s say you are out partying and you start talking up some fine lady person. Things seem to be going well, which leads to the following dilemma: Do you give this total stranger my phone number?

On the one hand it may lead to you and her doing the no-pants dance. Then again, she could be a stage five clinger who will call you 30 times a day talking about marriage and texting you pictures of headless teddy bears. What’s a guy who just wants to get laid to do?

But fear not! A lady in England has invented an internet service that creates random temporary phone numbers. The site–called— is the brain child of single mom Gil Kamel. She kept hearing stories from her friends about stalkers and other unwanted freakshows that harassed them after meeting them online or at a bar. You simply create a number that is routed to your phone and you change it whenever you want. It isn’t available in the U.S. yet but it’s an idea too good to ignore.

Soon you can say goodbye to  those calls at three in the morning from that girl you gave a dirty wet willy in the Wendy’s bathroom last month!

via Daily Mail

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