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Lucha Libre To Put U.S. Television In Headlock

Mark Burnett, producer of reality television juggernauts The Voice and Survivor, is bringing Lucha Libre AAA to U.S. audiences later this year. The show will air on Robert Rodriguez’s fledgling El Rey network, which is aimed at English speaking Latino audiences. I haven’t been this excited to watch a threesome unfold since, well, never. This is like the holy trinity of action. The only thing to send more muscle bound men flying through the air than lucha libre is any of Robert Rodriguez’s bad ass characters. And now you’ve got Mark Burnett acting as the puppet master to all that destruction.

Love or hate reality television, you can’t deny that Mark Burnett has helped create some of the most memorable moments on reality television. Lucha libre, like your abuela’s novelas, is largely scripted, though the action is completely real. Having someone with a pedigree as manipulative and evil as Mark Burnett’s at the helm of the storylines is going to make for some interesting television. He’ll throw the wrestlers emotions through the wringer as much as they get physically tossed around the ring. Having Burnett team up with lucha libre makes as much sense as teaming up Jack and Coke.

What I like about lucha libre is that it’s not all high flying and flash. Luchadores are probably the closest thing we have to superheroes in real life, but what separates a good superhero movie from a bad one is how much we sympathize with that character. And lucha libre really does a great job of pulling us in. Any of us could put on a mask and fight, so there’s already that level of relatability there. But why should we care about who we are watching and why they are fighting? Well that’s where Mark Burnett will shine. If there’s one thing he knows how to do, it’s slow burn us into the drama until we’re at a frenzied boil.

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