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Lupillo Rivera Confronts Anti-Immigrant Protesters

Lupillo Rivera, the brother of late banda singer Jenni Rivera, showed support for migrant families and children and confronted protesters who blocked buses carrying the migrants.

Lupillo proudly wearing his Mexico World Cup jersey and carrying several signs while defending the migrants. Lupillo shouted at the protesters that the migrants who come to the U.S. are the cooks, hotel workers and baby sitters. Unfortunately some protesters lowered themselves to douchebag status when they began to spit on Lupillo Rivera. It is unbelievable how people lower themselves and how they say that they are Americans, after all this country was made up of immigrants. Anyone that say they are “American” need to look hard and realize that unless you are Native American, then you are a descendant from a family member that immigrated  from another country. The color of your skin don’t mean anything and the only true “Americans” are the Native Americans. I wish more Latino celebrities would stand up and actually get involved rather then just tweet about the issues.

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